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My inspiration to paint is driven by a visceral response to the world around me.

 The Irish landscape charms me into capturing the play between  light and shadow,  dramatic skies and rugged coastlines.  I am fascinated by the amazing colour and cloud formations of the Irish sunset.

It could be said that I go around with my head in the clouds – Figuratively speaking of course!

 My goal is to capture the essence of this beauty and share it with you in order to stimulate a sense of well-being and harmony.

Love Irish Art - Donna McGee Landscape ArtistMy love of travel gives rise to experience different panoramas and cultures. I have a particular affinity with the East.  Visits to countries like Vietnam and Cambodia  contribute to how I view the world around me.  It releases a whole new perspective  and allows scope for the imagination to run wild.  The possibilities are endless and something that I enjoy taking to whatever destination the journey dictates.

My preferred medium is oils because I enjoy  manipulating its properties to create layers of rich texture.   I work on my painting until I feel it can tell its own story.

Living on the east coast of Ireland  and at the foothills of the Dublin mountains, I consider myself  blessed  as  I am surrounded my magnificent scenery therefore, I am never short of inspiration.

I  enjoy hillwalking in the countryside – finding  interesting vistas to capture by camera or to sketch and work up later in my studio.    Weather permitting, I like to paint outdoors (en plein air).  This creates a sense of immediacy to capture the changing light and is both challenging and rewarding.

I am a regular visitor to the annual international event in Wexford  Art in the Open. This is Europe’s largest open air painting festival.


If you have a treasured image that you would like captured and interpreted through paint, I would be pleased to discuss this further with you.  A good photo is always helpful.


Limited editions Giclée prints are available which are individually numbered and signed.  Please contact me to discuss.

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