A visit from St Nicholas – Your Favourite poem

One of my all time Christmas favourites – A Visit from St. Nicholas -Doesn’t it restore that childhood magic and wonder of Christmas!

Painting the Himalayan Range. Nepal

Painting the Himalayan Range Sarangkot, Nepal

Himalayan Range -Sarangkot 30 x 10" Mixed Media on Nepalese Hand Made Paper
Himalayan Range -Sarangkot 30 x 10″ Mixed Media on Nepalese Hand Made Paper

This is the first painting I have attempted since my return from Nepal. Continue reading “Painting the Himalayan Range. Nepal”

Art + Travel Adventure to Nepal – The People

The Nepalese are a very friendly race of people with beautiful smiles.

Their traditional greeting is “Namaste” a conventional Hindu expression on meeting someone and usually holding the palms together vertically in front of their chest.

The meaning: 

the divine in me bows to the divine in you.  

The rest of the world could learn something from this.

Tibetan Influence

The spiritual leader, the Dali Lama fled from Tibet to India in 1959 and a guerilla movement fought the Chinese along the Nepalese border up until the 1970’s. The Dali Lama has been barred from visiting Nepal for fear  of offending the Chinese, however, there is a considerable presence of Tibetan refugees living in Nepal.  The Dali Lama and the exiled Tibetan government are based in India.

Street Life in Nepal

The weaving of Tibetan carpets and handicrafts has become a great source of income for both the Tibetan and Nepalese communities.


When in Pokhara, we came upon a lovely Nepalese lady with her sister and child crossing a suspension bridge. We exchanged Namaste and with a natural friendliness, got talking to her.  Who would believe that she lived in Ireland, not too far from where I live and worked in  city centre, Dublin.  She was back home in Nepal visiting her family.  What a coincedence!

Nepal is a poor country and the average life span is 65 years.  The average literacy rate is 65%

Nepalese People

Art + Travel Adventure to Nepal – Kathmandu

Art + Travel Adventure to Kathmandu

Boudhnath Stupa, Nepal - Pilgrims circulate clockwise, spinning prayer wheels
Boudhnath Stupa, Nepal – Pilgrims circulate clockwise, spinning prayer wheels

Discovering Kathmandu

Discovering the allure of the Kathmandu valley with its ancient  history is all-embracing.  It is small and compact covering an area of 220 square miles.   There are seven World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO which is a number unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Continue reading “Art + Travel Adventure to Nepal – Kathmandu”

Art + Travel Adventure to Nepal – Bhaktapur

Art + Travel in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur,  founded in 12th century,  is the ‘city of devotees’ and looks just like a medieval city built of brick and ornate wood carvings.  It is one of the three royal cities in the Kathmandu valley and is considered a cultural gem.

Bhaktapur streets
Bhaktapur streets

Continue reading “Art + Travel Adventure to Nepal – Bhaktapur”

Art Award of Excellence – Gateway to Heaven

Receiving this award of excellence was heavenly:

Gateway to Heaven 16 x 12 Oil on block canvas
Gateway to Heaven
16 x 12 Oil on block canvas

Award of Excellence 

from Four Points Contemporary 3rd Biannual Competition

with my painting entitled Gateway to Heaven

This Competition was juried by Flavia Cosma, the Executive

Director Int’l Writers & Artists’ Residency Quebec, Canada.

Press Release

Art Award of Excellence – Evening Catch


Delighted to receive an art award and the recognitionward of Excellence from Four Points Contemporary

3rd Biannual Competition

with my painting entitled Evening Catch

Evening Catch 20 x 30 Oil on canvas
Evening Catch
20 x 30 Oil on canvas

This Competition  was juried by Flavia Cosma, the Executive Director Int’l Writers & Artists’ Residency Quebec, Canada

See Press Release here

I wish I was a Gannet!


I wish I was a gannet (well…. maybe for  just for a little while! )

From our boat trip along the shores of Carrigaholt and  around Loop Head, we were mesmerized by the gannets as they dive-bombed into the sea from up to 40 metres and hit the water with a streamlined elegance that Tom Daley and his Olympic buddies could only attempt to emulate.

Gannets are the most  amazing seafaring birds to watch.   They are the largest of Ireland’s sea birds and with a wingspan of just under 2m.   They have snow-white plumage,  are tipped with black on the wings and are crowned with a buttery almond glow.

The Gannet Watch 24 x 16 Oil on Canvas
The Gannet Watch 24 x 16 Oil on Canvas

As the boat swayed to and fro, I gazed up into the morning light and thought about my best efforts at a pencil dive, then as I watched another rapid dive,  I thought …… no more cooking….. no more cleaning up…… sushi for every meal – how wonderful and simple life could be!  I wish I was a gannet!

Shortly thereafter, we arrived back to shore!

What would you like to be?

Charting the Contours of a Controversial Poet

The subject of this portrait is the face of Ezra Pound (1885 – 1972) a complicated man with a formidable reputation and known for his virulent anti-semitic outbursts.

Ezra Pound sketch © donna mcgee
Ezra Pound
Charcoal drawing 12×8″

This angular and introspective looking face, lined with the contours of a life of controversy was mesmerizing to me and prompted this charcoal sketch.  [credit: Irish Times]

He made a great contribution to literature and is considered the poet most responsible for defining and promoting a modernist aesthetic in poetry. He advanced the work of such major contemporaries as W. B. YeatsRobert FrostWilliam Carlos WilliamsMarianne MooreH. D., James JoyceErnest Hemingway T. S. Eliot.

His best-known works include Ripostes (1912), Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920) and his unfinished 120-section epic, The Cantos (1917–69).

International Art Award – Atlantic Crash

Atlantic Crash Oil Painting awarded Second Place

Four Points Contemporary

2nd Bi-Annual Juried International Art Competition

Absolutely delighted  that I was selected  for an award in 2nd place with my painting Atlantic Crash.

I have always been moved by the great forces of the sea and its moods – calm, majestic to fierce. I witnessed this scene in a local town Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and found it spellbinding to observe the pulsating movement of the waves against the rocks.

international-art-award-atlantic-crash Waves Crashing against Rocks, stormy seas, west coast of Ireland, stormy skies, © www.donnamcgee.ie
Atlantic Crash 23 x 15″ Oil on board

Juried by Reginald Charles Adams, C0-Founder of Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston

Many congratulations to all the other participants.  You can find details of the winning entries here

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