Immagine & Poesia E book addition

Delighted to be included again in this lovely Image and Poetry Book – 5th Edition. My painting “Scamaill” which appears on page 48 was paired with a poem by Yuan Changming from Canada/China.

Poets and Artists from 41 Countries of the 5 Continents meet in a project for Peace –

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Scamaill oil painting


Poets and Artists from 41 Countries of the 5 Continents meet in a project for Peace


IMMAGINE&POESIA is the artistic literary movement, founded in Torino (Italy) in 2007 with the Patronage of AERONWY THOMAS, Dylan Thomas’ daughter.
“ART and POETRY lead to moments of CROSS-FERTILIZATION”

Immagine & Poesia E Book publication

So pleased that one of my paintings

will feature alongside the poem of   Umar Timol,

  in the 1st volume of

Immagine & Poesia E Book 


There are some great images and poetry in this book.  Check out Page 33 to see my painting, Collision with the  poem of published poet Umar Timol.
You might  also like to see Page 19 with a poem by the Irish poet Tomás Ó Cárthaigh  ” To Walk in Nature is to Say a Prayer”

Here is some background information:


A call for texts and images was launched on June 2, 2014 by the International Movement IMMAGINE & POESIA via Facebook. The results are published in the attached electronic book.

Twenty-two countries are represented in English on one side and in French on the other.

Un appel à textes et images a été lancé le 2 juin 2014 par le mouvement international IMMAGINE & POESIA via Facebook. En voici le résultat sous forme de livre électronique (e-book), Vol 1. Vingt-deux (22) pays y sont représentés en anglais d’une part et d’autre part en français. On peut le télécharger ici:

So take some time out to enjoy this publication and share if you like it.


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