Doolough Valley, Co. Mayo

Doolough Valley
Doolough Valley 16 x 12 inches, Oil on Canvas

On a recent visit to some of my favourite parts of the Irish countryside – Connemara and the Mayo coastline, we came upon this charming site

Doolough Valley

It is located in Co. Mayo, along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Doo Lough (in Irish meaning “Black Lake’)

Driving through the Valley is a unique experience. It is embedded in a mountainous landscape of unspoilt nature – Mweelrea Mountain and Sheeffry Hills. There are two lakes on the east-side, where the Wild Atlantic Way winds its way through.

A yearly walk is held along this route in memory of the
Doolough dead and to highlight the starvation of the world’s poor, still today.

A stone memorial cross can be found on the northern edge of the valley, dedicated to the victims of the “Doolough Tragedy” marking one of the most tragic periods in Irish history. During the Great Famine in 1849, hundreds of people made their way from Louisburgh to Delphi Lodge. Threatened by starvation, their suffering was ignored and they were turned away. Many died from malnutrition on the return journey to Louisburgh in Doolough Valley.

“How can men feel honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings?”

Mahatma Ghandi

This question of Mahatma Ghandi is engraved in the cross.

Doolough Valley Framed
Doolough Valley framed with an inner white mount and silver frame 18 x 20″ overall measurement

View the painting in a room setting

Doolough Valley Room Setting

If you would like to purchase this painting, please contact me

Eternal Light

Eternal LIght 20x30 inches Oil on Canvas
Eternal LIght 20×30 inches Oil on Canvas

Eternal LIght 20x30 inches Oil on Canvas Room View
Eternal LIght 20×30 inches Oil on Canvas Room View
Eternal LIght 20x30 inches Oil on Canvas Studio View
Eternal LIght 20×30 inches Oil on Canvas Studio View

He wishes for the cloths of Heaven

Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths

Enwrought with golden and silver light

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Of night and light and the half-light

I would spread the cloths under your feet

But I, being poor, have only my dreams

I have spread my dreams under your feet

Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams!

W B Yeats

You can see similar paintings here :

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Sneak Preview – Ideal Home Show

Sneak Preview Ideal Home Show N40
Sneak Preview Ideal Home Show N40

Hi there everyone!

Well the day has finally arrived to set up for The Ideal Home Show.

It certainly is a work day! The RDS Hall where the show takes place turns into a building site. Everyone has a job to do and every tool is put to full use. Within the space of a few hours, chaos turns into a certain type of order.

Just a few finishing touches for tomorrow.

The lighting will be on.

Lights at Ideal Home Show Donna McGee

There will be a place for everything with everything in its place!

Sneak preview to Ideal Home Show, Donna McGee - Ta dah!

We slip out quietly carrying our quota of tools – drills and ladders and God knows what else!

We have a nice presentation (I hope) on our Stand N40.

This stand is right beside all the talks on interior design etc.

Tomorrow I shall enjoy listening to all those tips. See more here

The Work Zone at Ideal Home Show
The Work Zone

Come along over the weekend and see / hear what the Ideal Home Show can offer you and be sure to drop by my stand at N40 and say hello.

You just might find that perfect piece of art to make your home the Ideal Home.

Galway Hookers at Ideal Home Show

Galway Hookers en Route 40 x 80 cms - Oil on Canvas
Galway Hookers en Route 40 x 80 cms – Oil on Canvas

This painting can be see first

Galway Hookers en Route

at the Ideal Home Show, Dublin 12- 14th April 2019

The painting is framed in a white contemporary style box frame and is ready to hang.

The image below helps you visualise how it would look on your wall.

Galway Hookers en Route along the Wild Atlantic Way 40 x 80 cms - Oil on Canvas
Galway Hookers en Route along the Wild Atlantic Way 40 x 80 cms – Oil on Canvas

Yes! The Spring has finally arrived and that means it’s time for Ireland’s biggest and best loved home show.

The permanent tsb Ideal Home Show – full of ideas, advice and inspiration with amazing new home products from the largest selection of suppliers of any event in Ireland – over 220 Exhibitorssee list

Ideal Home Show

If you have not yet gotten your tickets for the Ideal Home Show,

please check out the following link

Hurry, this free offer is about to close. If you’ve missed out on the offer, be sure to contact me and I will arrange to get some invites to you directly.

So, the countdown is on – still lots to do but I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

Hope to see you there.

Ideal Inspiration for Ideal Home Show

Gurteen Bay.jpg golden beaches of Connemara along the wild atlantic way
Gurteen Bay.jpg

Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show is coming around 12th – 14th April 2019 RDS Dublin.

Returning to my stand N40 once again to exhibit my paintings, feels good as it is right beside the Interiors and Design Theatre.

I love this spot because I get to listen to all the interesting talks on home design ….. and I’ve a birds eye view of everything going on all around me.

Advice, Ideas and inspiration for every home.

Ideal Homes


Never short on inspiration to paint, I was slightly troubled as to what I might exhibit this time.

After some consideration, I decided to settle on what I love to do best –


As luck would have it, we got a very nice gift voucher for a two night stay in Westport, West of Ireland – along the beautiful Mayo coastline.

Discovering new places

So much to see and do in this magic spot. Croagh Patrick, was all pervasive and we reminisced about the difficult climb that we had done the year before on this pilgrimage site. This was certainly not to be repeated at this windy and cold time of year. So, we were just as pleased to admire its majestic qualities from a distance (phew!)

Carrowmore Beach Co. Mayo
Carrowmore Beach Co. Mayo

We drove around the coastline and discovered a beach that surprisingly enough, I had not been to before – Carrowmore Beach.

Carrowmore Strand is a Blue Flag Beach and it is one of the rarest wildlife habitats in Europe and in Ireland. It commands spectacular views of Clare Island, Achill Island

Right beside that beach we came upon Bertra Beach

Jumping for joy
Jumping for joy

Bertra Beach was equally charming and we discovered that this is great surfing area that stretches into Clew Bay.

Catching the Waves
Surfing in Carrowmore
Surfing in Carrowmore

We continued to explore the area and came upon such lovely scenes. No matter what time of year you travel around Ireland, each season has a superb offering of colour, vibrancy, wildlife wonder winding its path along The Wild Atlantic Way.

.Just another lovely west of Ireland road!

And so, after my very nice adventure to Co. Mayo – I came home and began a new painting of Gurteen Bay. Gurteen is just outside Roundstone, Connemara and not too far from where we had visited. Gurteen Bay is yet another well frequented and favourite of mine. It has a unique horseshoe shape alongside Dogs Bay. The wild headland stretches out into the Atlantic between the two beaches.

Gurteen Bay, Connemara - Wild Atlantic Way 20x30 inches - Oil on Canvas
Gurteen Bay, Connemara 20 x 30 inches – Oil on Canvas

So, I hope you like it. I will have it with me at the Ideal Home Show for purchase.

Here’s hoping that you will join me there over the weekend of 12th to 14th April. For extra encouragement, here is the link to avail of free tickets for admission to the show.

I will have lots of new work with me.

I think I can say truthfully that I sure did get:

Ideal Inspiration for the Ideal Home Show.

Hoping to see you there!

Clifden Arts Trail

Delighted to have my work in the window of Hehirs of Clifden  at the

Clifden Arts Festival

Clifden Arts Trail

Galway Hookers at Roundstone in Hehirs of Clifden
Galway Hookers at Roundstone – at Hehirs of Clifden for Arts Trail


A short while ago, I had the  absolute delight to catch the Regatta in  the very charming village of   Roundstone in the heart of Connemara.  Since then,  I have gone mad painting Galway Hooker fishing boats because they are so majestic, beautiful and strong.

Roundstone is on the west coast of Connemara an area of outstanding natural beauty and inspiration for many artists with hills, valleys and beautiful coastlines.


A day for Fishing 16 x 12 inches - Oil on block Canvas
A day for Fishing 16 x 12 inches – Oil on block Canvas

The Galway hooker is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland. The hooker was developed for the strong seas there. It is identified by its sharp, clean entry, bluff bow, marked tumblehome and raked transom. Its sail plan consists of a single mast with a main sail and two foresails.

Galway Hookers at Roundstone 24x18 inches - Oil on Canvas
Galway Hookers at Roundstone 24×18 inches – Oil on Canvas

There are so many interesting  places to visit in Connemara, for example:

The Lone Rider 14 x12 Oil on canvas
The Lone Rider 14 x12 Oil on canvas


The rugged, glacially sculpted backdrop to Roundstone is the majestic mountain of Errisbeg, which rises to almost 1,000 feet. No visit to Connemara is ever complete without a visit to the harbour village of Roundstone. It is an ideal base from which to explore the wonderful ice-age scoured and lake-strewn Roundstone Bog. South of the village the crescent-shaped beaches of Gurteen and Dog’s Bay and their intervening tombolo draw thousands each summer.



The Trio 10 x 20 inches – Oil on Board




Galway Hooker Boats 16x12 inches - Oil on Block Canvas - Donna McGee Art
Galway Hooker Boats 16×12 inches – Oil on Block Canvas

All of these paintings are currently available for purchase.

Please contact me, if you have an interest in pursuing further.
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Galway Hookers at Roundstone

Galway Hookers and Currachs in Roundstone, Co. Galway – Yay!


Having spent a fabulous week in Co. Mayo, I headed on up to Clifden in Galway ( the capital of Connemara!)

Aw! the west coast of Ireland, such raw beauty – I feel so happy and energised every time I head for the west and the Wild Atlantic Way.


  • You can drive the scenic route around the Sky Loop Road which offers spectacular views of the coastline (unfortunately, this time round, the mist came down like a thick blanket ghosting over the landscape and denied me that beauty I’d witnessed just weeks before).
  • This is  where John Alcock and Arthur Brown landed following their historic cross-Atlantic flight back in 1919.


And so, naturally, I felt the lure of a quick trip to Roundstone – just down the road, so to speak! (about 20 Klms)

I would have the joy of visiting along the way:

  Dogs Bay


Manin Bay

Delightful unspoilt beaches of golden sand!

And then, finally, I reach Roundstone.

Roundstone is a charming little harbour village.  I see signs along the way announcing the  regatta    from Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd July – Yay!

This festival is over 200 years old.

I have always, always, wanted to see a regatta with those beautiful red sails of the Galway Hookers up close.

The Galway hooker is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland.  The hooker was developed for the strong seas that exist along the coast.  It is identified by its sharp, clean entry, bluff bow, marked tumblehome and raked transom. Wikipedia

I just couldn’t believe my luck to happen upon such a wondrous event!

I have painted the Hookers so many times.   My children  had attended Irish college in the Gaeltacht areas (Irish tradition), they too  sent me photos, knowing  my love of the boats and that my paint brushes would always be at the ready.


Galway Hooker Boats 16x12 inches - Oil on Block Canvas - Donna McGee Art
Galway Hooker Boats 16×12 inches – Oil on Block Canvas  – Available


Galway Hookers 2 Oil on canvas 14x10"
Galway Hookers 2 Oil on canvas 14×10″ – Sold

Galway Hookers 4 Oil on canvas 14x10"
Galway Hookers 3 Oil on canvas 14×10″ Sold


The Currachs also featured in this regatta.

A currach (Irish: curach, Irish pronunciation: [ˈkʊɾˠax]) is a type of Irish boat with a wooden frame.  They are smaller rowing boats and do not need to be anchored.  They have a peculiar shape with a deep hull.

Let the Regatta begin:

I found me a “little spot” where I could watch the whole event with a full view of the bay.

I was the child in the candy shop.

Perched on a grassy bank and  nibbling some snacks, I noticed through the corner of my eye, a little four legged creature passing by.  It began with R and ended in T).    Normally, I would get over-excited by such events,  I might even scream.  But this time, I picked myself up and headed for a large rock where I could see all around me and my little four legged creature went off about his business – perfect!

The day went on and more and more people assembled with cameras and binoculars.  There was  great excitement and delight.  We could just about hear the muffled announcements over the loudspeakers coming from the harbour.

The currachs took off in races one after the other around the buoys.  The Hookers cruised around in the background and then it was their turn to sail.  I watched them dissapear off into the horizon!


So …………… all I want to do now, is to get painting.  I want to remember this day through paint and try to recreate and capture that magic.

Lots of boats coming up so watch this space!

Oh what a day – I loved it!

<3 <3 <3