Galway Hookers at Roundstone

Galway Hookers and Currachs in Roundstone, Co. Galway – Yay!


Having spent a fabulous week in Co. Mayo, I headed on up to Clifden in Galway ( the capital of Connemara!)

Aw! the west coast of Ireland, such raw beauty – I feel so happy and energised every time I head for the west and the Wild Atlantic Way.


  • You can drive the scenic route around the Sky Loop Road which offers spectacular views of the coastline (unfortunately, this time round, the mist came down like a thick blanket ghosting over the landscape and denied me that beauty I’d witnessed just weeks before).
  • This is  where John Alcock and Arthur Brown landed following their historic cross-Atlantic flight back in 1919.


And so, naturally, I felt the lure of a quick trip to Roundstone – just down the road, so to speak! (about 20 Klms)

I would have the joy of visiting along the way:

  Dogs Bay


Manin Bay

Delightful unspoilt beaches of golden sand!

And then, finally, I reach Roundstone.

Roundstone is a charming little harbour village.  I see signs along the way announcing the  regatta    from Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd July – Yay!

This festival is over 200 years old.

I have always, always, wanted to see a regatta with those beautiful red sails of the Galway Hookers up close.

The Galway hooker is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland.  The hooker was developed for the strong seas that exist along the coast.  It is identified by its sharp, clean entry, bluff bow, marked tumblehome and raked transom. Wikipedia

I just couldn’t believe my luck to happen upon such a wondrous event!

I have painted the Hookers so many times.   My children  had attended Irish college in the Gaeltacht areas (Irish tradition), they too  sent me photos, knowing  my love of the boats and that my paint brushes would always be at the ready.


Galway Hooker Boats 16x12 inches - Oil on Block Canvas - Donna McGee Art
Galway Hooker Boats 16×12 inches – Oil on Block Canvas  – Available


Galway Hookers 2 Oil on canvas 14x10"
Galway Hookers 2 Oil on canvas 14×10″ – Sold
Galway Hookers 4 Oil on canvas 14x10"
Galway Hookers 3 Oil on canvas 14×10″ Sold


The Currachs also featured in this regatta.

A currach (Irish: curach, Irish pronunciation: [ˈkʊɾˠax]) is a type of Irish boat with a wooden frame.  They are smaller rowing boats and do not need to be anchored.  They have a peculiar shape with a deep hull.

Let the Regatta begin:

I found me a “little spot” where I could watch the whole event with a full view of the bay.

I was the child in the candy shop.

Perched on a grassy bank and  nibbling some snacks, I noticed through the corner of my eye, a little four legged creature passing by.  It began with R and ended in T).    Normally, I would get over-excited by such events,  I might even scream.  But this time, I picked myself up and headed for a large rock where I could see all around me and my little four legged creature went off about his business – perfect!

The day went on and more and more people assembled with cameras and binoculars.  There was  great excitement and delight.  We could just about hear the muffled announcements over the loudspeakers coming from the harbour.

The currachs took off in races one after the other around the buoys.  The Hookers cruised around in the background and then it was their turn to sail.  I watched them dissapear off into the horizon!


So …………… all I want to do now, is to get painting.  I want to remember this day through paint and try to recreate and capture that magic.

Lots of boats coming up so watch this space!

Oh what a day – I loved it!

<3 <3 <3


This Is Ireland

This is Ireland – A great place to live, work and be a part of:

With this insight into a beautifully captured view of Ireland and its culture,  I think  you  will understand when I say, I paint the Irish landscape and try to capture its magic!

Then, winning the Grand Slam is just “the icing on the cake”
– it’s good to be Irish right now!

Hope you enjoy this video!

Happy Halloween – Be Careful out there!

Happy Halloween

to all the ghosts, ghouls, gory goblins, bats, bloodcurdling witches on broomsticks with mobile cauldrons flying over cemeteries cackling to the creepy, eerie, frightening and bloody Grim Reaper and all lost souls.

Know that, Halloween is here!



Happy Halloween from Donna McGee Fine Art




Art on Merrion Square, Dublin

Art on Merrion Square

is available all year round!

Check out this recent video clip to get a feel for:
  • original art to purchase
  • the Dublin Culture
  • the characters
  • the creativity
  • the craic
Hail, rain or snow, the artists show up every Sunday to display a superb range of original art  for you to discover and enjoy!
Why not purchase a painting as a truly unique gift
or just for you and allow it tell its own story!


Merrion Square Artists have also updated their website – check it out here

also you can like the Facebook page here



A sample of some of my recent work:

I hope to see you there soon!
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A Taste of Ireland

A Taste of Ireland and its Magic!

You may have heard me rave about   Ireland and its beautiful, unique qualities – the spectacular landscape  –  a  source of inspiration to me and many others.

Check out this video put together by Sonder Ireland .  It will take you on a visual journey.  It offers its own magical view of our culture and scenery – the things that make us Irish and all the wonderful things that people love about Ireland

A true Taste of Ireland

Fáilte go hÉireann


Please enjoy and share


The Morning After – People’s Art – May 2014

Thank you for visiting the Open Air Art Exhibition in St. Stephen’s Green  last weekend.  Here is a reminder, a short video of the

The Morning After

– People’s Art Exhibition  May in Dublin

kindly put together by artist, Pervaneh Matthews.

It is now the morning after and despite torrential rain never before seen in the lovely month of May, we managed to keep our spirits up along with the umbrellas, tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, pegs to hold everything down and anything and everything that gave shelter from the unrelenting Irish monsoon.

I could whinge and nobody would say a thing but then, this is Ireland, it is said:

there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

(my poor paintings wouldn’t agree)

‘Think I’ll start lining up Statues of Prague for the next exhibition on 20th -22nd June!

What d’ya think??



Happy New Year 2014 and may all of your dreams come true…

Happy New Year – courtesy of Mark Waples