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Finding inspiration:

Self-taught artist Donna McGee has developed a unique style and has been working from her studio in Dublin for over 20 years.  She encompasses a diverse range of influences arising out of her love of travel, especially the spectacular coastlines of Ireland.  Observing and capturing the restless elemental forces of this landscape and celebrating its timeless beauty is central to her work which she wishes to share with you.

Drawn to the allure of stormy skies, vibrant sunsets and the transformative effects of ever-changing light reveals a sense of the extraordinary in the ordinary.  It creates an emotional response, a spiritual connection within  nature arousing a sense of comfort through its familiarity.

Weather permitting, Donna paints outdoors (en plein air) and has visited painting festivals in Ireland  Art in the Open in the south east and Dublin Plein Air

The Process:

She mainly works with oil paint and is currently enjoying working with encaustics. Her paintings tend to have an ethereal feel, most evident in her abstract work.  At times, she incorporates surrealist elements to create greater mood and atmosphere, thereby, her interpretation of the subject matter is transformed rather than merely recorded. The use of palette knives allow for the creation of rich, tactile texture resulting in a dynamic and raw energy.  

Where you will find her:

With  a number of successful solo exhibitions, she participates in group shows throughout the country and online internationally, including the premier art fair Art Source  where she enjoys great success.   Her paintings can be found in many collections both in Ireland and across the world.   Her work has been featured many times and she is the recipient of a number of  international awards. Donna was awarded tax exempt status for her work by the Irish State on the basis that her work is of cultural and artistic merit.

She is a member of Visual Arts Ireland , Merrion Arts Association and The Dublin Art Society.

Some background information:

Donna formerly worked in the financial world and studied at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (University College Dublin).

She has a curious mind and a love of learning. She returned to college in pursuit of furthering her knowledge in technology including the study  of Digital Media Production, specialising in Graphic Design at the Digital Skills Academy and a post-grad in Trinity College Dublin,  in Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Awards & Recognition by National Body

Artist Donna McGee Lifestyle Leader Fine Art
Donna was awarded the All-Star Lifestyle Leader Fine Art Accreditation in 2021 by The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF)

The All-Ireland Business Foundation is an autonomous national accreditation body tasked with enterprise development and the promotion of Best-in-Class in Irish business.  It is an independently verified standard mark for indigenous businesses, based on rigorous selection criteria. 

It is measured on the basis of:

  • Performance
  • Trust
  • Customer centricity.  

Artist Residencies

The Department of Education developed an Arts-in-Education BLAST Residency Programme (Bringing Live Art to Students and Teachers). This initiative aims to support the integration of the principles and key skills outlined in the Arts in Education Charter and the Creative Ireland Programme (2017-2022) This initiative supports children and young people for the future, where skills like the ability to connect and collaborate with others, engage in creative and critical thinking and practice inclusivity at every level, paramount to peace, stability, sustainable economic growth and equality.
BLAST -bringing live art to studendents and teachers
Donna continues to enjoy working on art residencies in Dublin primary and secondary schools.

Teacher Artist Partnership


Donna participated in the Teacher Artist Partnership Summer 2022 programmme.

Teacher-Artist Partnership (TAP) CPD for Supporting & Enhancing Arts in Education in Ireland (Primary Schools Initiative) This is a unique initiative in response to the objectives outlined in the Arts in Education Charter. This initiative is guided by the principles expressed in the Arts in Education Charter (2012) and Pillar 1 (Creative Youth) of the Creative Ireland Programme (2017–2022).
Hop on over to the Artist Statement by clicking the link above and learn more about what drives Donna in her work.

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