RMS Titanic – 100 years on.

Commemorating the loss of  RMS Titanic on 15th April 1912

One hundred years on,  at a depth of 12,600 feet in the realm below the surface of the sea,  RMS Titanic shipwreck rests   on the sea floor.

In an upwards  unwinding spiral,  the  muffled echoing underwater sounds reach out in an unhurried, meditative  calm towards the infinite.

Stillness abounds.

Irish Art -  Spiral Galaxy - Titanic - Mixed Media 16x20"
Donna McGee, Spiral Galaxy, Mixed Media on canvas 16×20″ © 2012

This is the final painting in this Titanic series to commemorate the 1,514 lives lost at sea, one hundred  years ago.

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Author: Donna McGee

Landscape & Abstract Artist inspired by the timeless beauty of the Irish landscape

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