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When Donna McGee Washington DC the artist met Donna McGee Dublin

In my usual routine, I opened my mail  inbox and there staring at me was an announcement that  – Donna McGee  – was coming to town.  Slightly bewildered,  I thought, but that’s me!

I read on,  and lo and behold there was another Donna McGee from Washington DC .  She too was an artist and loves to paint abstract,  just as I do.   She is a very accomplished artist, see her profile here http://www.foundrygallery.org/artist-list/item/3-donna-k-mcgee.html

Excitement grew and we decided we would meet for coffee in a restaurant in town.  Fortunately, I was able to look up Donna on the web and not only could I see her magnificent paintings, I also could see her photo, so I knew who to look for.  We had great fun exchanging stories of our familiar worlds.

It was even more fun when I explained to my children, that I was  meeting “someone I met over the internet”  in town.  All was well however when they heard the full story.

Have you had a similar experience?
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Author: Donna McGee

Landscape & Abstract Artist inspired by the timeless beauty of the Irish landscape

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