How To Survive Art Study And CovidThe Three way Challenge Art Study and Covid

How to survive Art Study and Covid

How to survive Art Study and Covid - The Three Way Challenge

Deciding to combine my life as an artist, taking on  a new course of study at Trinity College Dublin and the onset of Covid 19 would prove a ridiculous but irrestible challenge.


The Learning Curve

This course was aimed at graduates in creative and cultural fields. It was intended to pioneer innovation and enterprise.  A chance to continue the joy of life-long learning, meeting new people and the excitement of the unknown.

Becoming a future shaper at Trinity College -Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Trinity College Dublin - Donna McGee

The course began back in January and we set about exploring all kinds of interesting areas of Innovation & Creativity – Critical Thinking, Growth Mindsets and the list goes on ….

Before we knew it, the threat of Covid-19 loomed.  It felt like the end of the world – nobody knew what was happening to our beautiful world. It was very frightening.  The big question loomed – How to survive Art, Study and Covid all at the one time. Thankfully, Trinity College responed promptly and  very quickly re-adjusted and re-organized the course. How they managed to put the course on line so quickly, left us all baffled.  Now, we could pursue our chosen course from the comfort of our own homes. It was strange to no longer have the need to race into town getting to college on time. In the hustle bustle of the city, I did miss hanging out with all my new found friends, some that I hadn’t even met yet.  There was a great bunch of creative people who would collaborate, exchanging viewpoints which we would now have to do digitally.

Part of the course involved breakaway groups identifying entrepreneurial opportunities. We were tasked with coming up with an idea and the formation of a company to reflect the learning to date. This meant writing up an essay and pitching the idea to an audience.

It's all about collaboration!

Becoming a future shaper - Student Entrepreneur Awards 2020 - Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Trinity College Dublin - Donna McGee

Our group went on to create a not-for-profit recruitment agency – Críonna. This would take the shape of a holistic, community centred approach to the employment services industry. Making a positive contribution to helping older people living in rural Ireland find employment. Furthermore, it would offer employers access to staff with emotional intelligence along with many other skills.

Student Entrepreneur Awards - Turning ideas into Business

Becoming a future shaper Student Entrepreneur Awards 2020 Cert of Recognition Donna McGee - Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship


We did the assignment and made the pitch. Nervous tension filled the room as the adjudicators, tutors and students listened in.

We got great feedback and went on to enter the Student Entrepreneur Awards.

While our idea did not progress any further for now, we were absolutely delighted to receive a Certificate of Recognition for our involvement in the Student Entrepreneur Awards 2020 – Trinity College.

We have already started the next module and it truly is great to be a student again. It is such a shame that we have to work from home instead of attending college. Closure of all schools and colleges was imposed because of the need for social distancing.

I am looking forward to the rest of the course. I will take great pleasure applying the skills that I am learning to improve and grow my artistic practice.

As the seanfhocail says, “Tús maith leath na h-oibre!  (a good start is half the work)

I will then have to get back to producing great original artwork creating style and ambience for your home or office.

Thank you to all the great tutors in Trinity College for guiding us along the way and making this course so enjoyable.


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I guess we figured it out together - How to survive art study and Covid all at the one time

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